Top 5 FREE Platforms To Automate The Growth Of Your Startup

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

For new companies it’s easy to get tangled in a web of subscriptions you just don’t use or don’t use effectively enough, especially if you are the acting marketing officer, finance director and technical lead all at the same time, here is a list of tools and platforms you can try for free and scale as your business expands

1 Hubspot

Our personal favourite recommendation for digital marketing automation. Hubspot is the holy grail. The best thing about it, is you can get started on the CRM for free and upgrade as your business grows. Track everything from prospects, leads and proposals and analyse opportunities as they move through the funnel. It is home to a widely recognised powerful CRM but the best thing about it is that it’s free forever and you can add as many users as you like. For advanced features, there are plans created to suit every budget. For any business looking to get started with managing the customer relationship, this is a great start with room to grow

2 Ahoy AI

Ever wished you could spend more time growing business relationships and less time sending out meeting invites? This tool is an AI powered assistant that helps you manage your diary! Yes autopilot PA to schedule meetings, calls and conferences with little data input. Save time by syncing this with your email and calendar and watch it get to work finding the best time for every attendee and sending them invites to accept. It is easy to use and also integrates with slack and can be easily added as a chrome extension.

3 Circle back - Contact Cloud

One of the most overlooked and underestimated tasks in a new business is the need to manage and update contacts regularly. This piece of software does that for you by intelligently finding new contacts in your inbox, cleaning your data and allowing you to scan business cards as contacts. It makes it significantly easier to stay connected, keep on top of professional relationships and get more work done. There is a free version and the upgrade offers a free trial

4 Mention

Mention is huge in the world of social media monitoring and has been for some time. The reason is simple, it’s one of the best tools out there for listening to what the world is saying about brands, topics or products. You can also plan and publish social media posts based on your findings and mention analytics to lead and join conversations that truly matter. The interface is user friendly and perfect for small businesses.

5 Engage bay

Engage and convert customers with this all in one sales and marketing support system. It’s affordable, includes a free version and lets you automate lead capture, automate emails and craft tailored landing pages to drive engagement and action. You can also segment customers, track progress, score leads. The best thing about this platform is it gives you full control of the customer journey and about 90% of the functions you need to attract, nurture and convert leads to grow your business.

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